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Where to Find Basic Company Information

Once you have identified a company with investment potential, the next step is to research the company to determine if it likely to be a good investment. A good place to start is to view some general information about the company to get some perspective on the company of interest. You'll want to learn about what he company does and get some basic information about its finances, competitors, and stock.

While they are not the only sites that provide this type of information, we think that some of the best information about individual stocks comes from websites like Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance, and MSN Money. All three of these sites provide organized information about publicly traded companies. Our favorite happens to be Yahoo! Finance because of the way the information is organized, but we think that all three sites are good in their own way because they all offer something slightly different.

There are a number of things that these sites all have in common. They all contain basic information about publicly traded companies including:

  • A company profile that provides a summary of the company's business and size.
  • Major financial statements including the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and the Income Statement.
  • Pre-calculated financial ratios and financial measures including PE ratio, ROI, revenue and income growth, management ratios, and more.
  • Links to SEC filings including annual and quarterly reports that companies are required to publish on a regular basis.
  • A news section that shows recent news stories related to the company.
  • Information (or links to information) about analyst opinions and analyst earnings estimates.
  • Charts that show a company's historical stock price and basic technical information.
  • Information about the company's industry and its closest competitors.
  • Basic information about stock ownership, including insider transactions.
  • Basic stock screeners that allow you to search for companies with investment potential.

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