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Where to Get Information About the Economy

Many investors like to understand what is going on with the economy in addition to studying information about individual companies. Simply hearing the word "economics" might elicit a number of reactions, ranging from sheer terror to boredom. However, taking the time to understand some basic things about what is going on in the economic landscape can provide perspective and can help you to make better investing decisions.

For example, if you think that the economy is likely to be heading toward a recession, you will most likely want to invest in the types of stocks that you think will perform well in an economic downturn. Here are a few sites that will help you to get information about the economy.

  • The Dismal Scientist (dismalscientist.com) has fairly comprehensive information about the economy, including charts, news, and commentary. In addition, it provides information not only about the U.S., but also Asia, Europe, and Canada.

  • Bloomberg (bloomberg.com) has a variety of news about the economy and also has an economic calendar that displays upcoming economic events.

  • MarketWatch (marketwatch.com) has a section devoted to displaying economic and political news, and also a markets section that provides economic information about the different areas of the world.

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis (bea.gov) is a governmental agency that assembles and analyzes information about the economy. Their website provides a variety of information and charts.

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