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Where to Get Stock News, Opinions, and Advice

If you want to find the most recent stock news or just want to know what other people are thinking about a company, there are plenty of news, opinion, and rating sites that you can use to get this information. Even if you are an experienced investor and don't assign much importance to other investors' opinions about stocks, you can often pick up new information or viewpoints at these types of sites that can help you with your investment decisions. Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular sites that provide news and opinions.

  • Motley Fool (fool.com) is a popular site that allows individual investors to rate stocks and post their opinions about them. Based on their success in rating stocks, investors are given a score that changes continually as the stocks they have rated move up and down. It can be helpful to use this site to briefly scan opinions of other investors before buying a stock. You may uncover something you hadn't previously known or considered.

  • Seeking Alpha (seekingalpha.com) has some of the same financial and fundamental information as some of the finance portals like Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, or MSN Money, but is also focused on providing analysis and opinions about companies. You can search for a stock ticker and from there get to recent news, editorial articles, analysis, and comments from individual investors.

  • TheStreet.com is run by Jim Cramer, the colorful television host of Mad Money, the popular investing show that airs on CNBC. If you look up a stock ticker, you can find information about investor sentiment and articles with opinions about the company and its industry.

  • Forbes.com has a wide variety of articles about companies, the business world, and the economy in general. You can search for news pertaining to a specific company or any other topic of interest related to investing.

  • MarketWatch.com is another site that provides news and information about the stock market.

Another option is that, instead of going to each of these individual sites to get news, you can create your own RSS feed to give you only the news and articles you are looking for. For example, Yahoo! Finance offers a great RSS tool that you can use. All you need to do is add the stock tickers of interest. You can get to this resource at: http://finance.yahoo.com/rssindex.

One final option that I like to use to get the most recent news is to simply go to Google News and enter the stock ticker or company name into the search bar. The advantage is that using this method will give you news from all over the internet. However, using this method you will usually need to sort through the results a little bit more to weed out the stories that aren't of interest to you.

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